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Alternatives You Have Instead Of Ordering New Dentures

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When your dentures start to shift a lot, you may think it is time to order a new pair. However, you do have alternatives that can make it possible to keep your current dentures. Learning more about these options will help you determine which one is best for your situation.

Soft Reline

To readjust your dentures, your first option is a soft reline material. This material is pliable, and the denturist puts it in place during an office visit to correct minor shifting issues.

To complete the soft reline, a dental hygienist will place the material on the inner side of the denture. He or she will then place the denture into your mouth, and it needs to stay in place for a few minutes so the material can set. After it sets, the denturist will remove any of the reline material that seeps out over the edges. This option is one of the easier methods for correcting the way your denture fits.

Hard Reline

An alternative option for correcting the alignment permanently is a hard reline. This option requires a new top layer of acrylic to be placed on the inside portion of the plate or inner pink part. This new layer will adjust the plate, so your denture sits in the right potion in your mouth.

However, unlike a soft reline, the denturist will need a lab to complete the process. To start, the denturist will take a mold of your mouth, so the lab knows where the new layer of acrylic is needed. Once the layer is on and it has hardened, the lab sends it back to your denturist so you can try it on and make sure your denture once again fits right.


Unfortunately, the plate of your denture can crack or break, but this does not mean you have to order a new pair of dentures. In this situation, the denturist can rebase your appliance, so you can keep the existing teeth that you are used to having.

With this option, only the pink plate is replaced. The denturist will probably require a new set of x-rays first, just to make sure there are no other issues with your mouth. The denturist will make a mold of your mouth that the lab will use to create a new plate, which will be attached to the teeth from your current denture.  

When you denture does not fit right, you do have several options other than ordering a new pair. For more information, contact TLC Dental Center or a similar location.