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Are Those Puree Pouches Harmful To Your Toddler's Teeth?

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The answer is yes. Puree food pouches are pureed baby food combinations, in an easy to carry foil pack. They have a twist off lid and kids can suck out the food. They were introduced a handful of years ago as a way to help parents feed kids when on the go, and as a way to help toddlers begin to feed themselves without a mess. They come in handy, even for older kids. The pouches are a great idea, but the problem is that they can be rotting your child's teeth. See below for more information and how to help prevent tooth decay.

Pouches And Sippy Cups

Pouches and sippy cups have about the same effect on your little one's teeth. Allowing sugary foods or drinks to continuously be drank throughout the day can cause tooth decay and rot. This is because the sugar from pureed foods and juices that sit on your child's teeth can eat away at the enamel, and can create cavities or even pits on his teeth. Just as sippy cups should be monitored, pouches should be monitored as well.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Sippy cups and pouches make life a little easier when you have toddlers. It makes your day a little less messy, but these great inventions could be causing a dental health concern. Help prevent dental issues by brushing your child's teeth at least twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste, and brushing for at least two minutes each time. 

Teach your child to use a cup, rather than use a sippy cup. If this isn't possible, be sure to only give water in the sippy cup, rather than juice or milk. 

Ditch the pouch and introduce fresh fruits and vegetables instead. This will also help teach your child to feed themselves, and it's a healthier alternative.

If the pouch is the only way to get your child to eat fruits or vegetables, you can use them, but be sure your child drinks water afterwards to rinse out his mouth. Only allow him to have the pouch in his mouth while he is drinking the puree, and take it away when it's all gone.

Giving your child a puree pouch is fine, as long as it's usage is monitored, the same goes for sippy cups. Be sure to brush your child's teeth properly twice daily and is getting regular checkups by a pediatric dentist like Mark Stapleton DMD MSD PC.