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4 Ways To Protect Your Teeth Over The Holidays

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One of the best parts of the holidays is enjoying sugary desserts. Cakes, pies, and cookies are just some of the delicious treats that are abundant at family gatherings. You should always moderate your intake of sugary foods because they can damage your teeth. Keep your smile healthy and white by practicing small, healthy habits. Here are four ways to keep your smile fresh and white during the holidays.

Drink water to wash away food residues.

Drinking water has a host of health benefits. It is also helpful to drink water if you want to keep your smile bright and clean. Water helps to wash away food residues that are left behind on your teeth. This reduces the sugars and acids that can bind with bacteria to form cavity-causing plaque. Drinking water also helps to loosen food that gets stuck between your gums and teeth, making it easier to remove when you brush your teeth.

Eat more dairy foods to fortify your teeth.

Dairy foods are rich in calcium and phosphorus. These two components of dairy help to replace minerals that your teeth lose as they are worn down by chewing and grinding. Calcium and phosphorus take the place of minerals that are lost and allow your teeth time to replenish other mineral sources. Dairy also helps to act like a buffer against the harmful effects of acidic foods.

Carry a travel-sized toothbrush in your bag.

You usually have to do some traveling during the holidays in order to see your family. As a result, you probably do not your toothbrush close at hand. You can still make sure that you brush after meals as long as you have a travel toothbrush with you. Pick up an inexpensive toothbrush and plastic case to carry in your purse or backpack. You can also purchase fluoride-enriched mouthwash and rinse your mouth if you do not have time to fully brush your teeth.

Enjoy dark beverages through a straw.

Dark beverages such as cola, coffee, and dark tea can all stain your teeth. These beverages contain highly concentrated amounts of chromogens, which are very pigmented molecules that bond with your tooth enamel. The acid content of these beverages can also bond with bacteria to produce tooth-degrading plaque. Enjoy these dark beverages without worry by sipping them through a straw. Doing so allows you to enjoy the taste of these drinks without having them come into contact with your teeth.

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