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3 Things You Can Do To Look Good At Your Next High School Reunion

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High school reunions--there is so much pressure to look good and look successful. As the decades go by, that becomes harder and harder to do. If you have an upcoming high school reunion and you are thinking about skipping it because you feel like your age betrays you, here are three simple things you can do to make yourself look good for the old school crew.

Teeth Veneers

As people age, their teeth naturally yellow. It does not matter how often and how well you brush, you cannot stop the yellowing of your teeth. What you can do instead is ask your dentist about teeth veneers. These "cover-ups" slide on over the tops of your natural teeth, and you can get them as white as you want them. It is a complete smile makeover for your mouth that makes your teeth look like they did in high school, only better because the veneers also hide cracked and chipped teeth from your glory days.

Hair--Dye, Cut and Style

You do not want to show up to a reunion with the same hair you had in the sixties, seventies, eighties or beyond. If you have any gray, you can look younger with a professional dye job that blends your natural color with the dyed grays seamlessly. Then get a mature, respectable cut a few weeks before the reunion so the clipped edges of your hair have time to grow out and soften a little bit. Finally, get your hair styled the day of the reunion so that you can look almost flawless.

Buy a Professionally and Personally Tailored Outfit

Few things show more success than the personally tailored suit or dress. When clothes fit you properly and they look nice, you appear to be doing well. You will also feel more confident and carry yourself with more pride, reducing the look of the slumped posture many middle-aged people typically have. Be sure to ask your tailor for the right undergarments as well so your outfit is seamless and does not bulge awkwardly here and there.

Go with Confidence

If you combine your tailored outfit with dental veneers and great hair, you will really look "well-preserved" at your upcoming reunion. If you look and feel confident, then nothing about the evening should feel awkward. Old classmates will be more likely to approach you and talk to you when have coiffed and dressed nicely, and donned a lovely white smile.