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Protecting Your Teeth When Playing Extreme Sports

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Playing extreme sports puts you at greater risk of injury than an average person who sustains from such types of sports. You will want to guard your mouth from injuries due to falling, hitting your face, getting hit either by a person or an object or any other way the sport you play happens to put you at risk. Luckily, there are ways you can go about reducing those risks and things you can do to minimize damage to your teeth if you should suffer a dental injury. Learn about some of those ways below:      

Get a good mouth guard

You can purchase a mouth guard from a sporting goods store that you put in warm water then form to fit your mouth. However, you can't always count on this type of mouth guard to be of the highest quality. Therefore, it's best for you to go directly to your dentist for your mouth guard. You will get one made from the best materials and you'll know without a doubt that it fits correctly.

Wear your headgear

You always want to wear your head gear anytime you may come into contact with something that may injure you. This means, even if you are at a practice, put the headgear on if practice involves a certain level of risk.

Keep your teeth strong

You know your chosen sport puts your teeth at a higher risk of damage, so you want to do what you can to keep them strong and healthy. This means following good oral hygiene habits every day and eating foods known to promote good dental health. Foods high in calcium help strengthen the enamel which is the outer shell of your teeth and their first line of defense.

Carry an emergency dental kit

You want to make sure you are prepared for an emergency in case one should arise. Your kit should contain gauze, a small container, a small bottle of water, an over the counter pain reliever, tweezers and the numbers of some 24-hour emergency dentists in the area. If you should knock your tooth out, be sure you use the tweezers to pick it up by the crown. Rinse your mouth out then wash off the tooth with your own spit. Put the tooth back in the socket if you can. If not, carry it in your mouth or in a small baggie in your own spit.

Following these tips will help you to decrease your chances of dealing with a dental emergency and help you get through one if it should happen. For further assistance, seek out a local 24-hour dentist, such as one from Hernandez Dental.