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About Treating Decayed Molars & Getting Dental Crowns

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Were you careless about keeping your teeth clean for a long time and have to deal with the consequences of decayed molars now? Depending on the overall condition of the decayed molars, a dentist may be able to treat and preserve the remaining enamel by covering them with dental crowns. Questions that you may have about getting decayed molars treated will be answered in the article below.

What Happens Before Crowns are Placed on Decayed Molars?

Before you are able to get crowns, a dentist will have to examine the overall condition of the decayed molars. He or she will find out if the molars are still in a good enough condition to be saved; otherwise, they may have to be extracted. You might even need a root canal if your cavities were severe enough for the pulp chamber to get infected. If you only have decayed enamel and a minor gum infection, you will likely be given antibiotics to get rid of the infection before getting crowns. The cavities will also have to be filled.

How Do Dental Crowns Preserve the Enamel of Teeth?

Dental crowns can preserve your decayed molars by protecting the enamel from further damage. For instance, if you still have enough of enamel left for dental crowns but it is thin, the crowns will be able to prevent the thin enamel from cracking when you are chewing food. You will be able to chew without damaging the enamel, as well as have something to cover the fillings and help them stay in place. The overall strength of your damaged molars will be better with dental crowns.

What Kind of Dental Crowns Should Be Considered?

If you want your dental crowns to look as realistic as possible, you should opt for ceramic crowns. Ceramic crowns closely mimic the glossy look of natural tooth enamel. Your teeth will also look more natural with ceramic crowns because they have a thicker layer of realistic material than the crowns that are not completely ceramic, such as the ones with a metal layer on the bottom.  With ceramic crowns, you will never have to worry about metal becoming exposed if your gums happen to start receding in the future.

The sooner that you are able to get to a dentist to get your decayed molars treated, the better chance it will be for the enamel being preserved with dental crowns. Make a dental appointment with a clinic like Pittsburgh Dental Spa so your decayed molars can be treated.