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3 Levels Of Oral Sedation

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Taking care of your dental needs may create lots of anxiety for you. If you suffer from dental phobia, this can be especially true. One of the most efficient ways to reduce the amount of fear you have when getting a completed procedure done is by relying on oral sedation. There are varying levels of this dental relaxation method that are based on your individual need. Being aware of what your oral sedation levels are can be extremely helpful to you.

Type #1:  Minimal sedation

If your anxiety level is low, and you're just a bit on edge about your appointment, you may want to choose minimal sedation. Some instances when this type may be used include getting a deep cleaning, a dental filling or crown that must be done for better dental health.

The benefits minimal sedation include you'll be relaxed enough to deal with the procedure. Additionally, you won't suffer from the grogginess that some of the other more significant types of sedation may bring.

Type #2: Moderate sedation

Many individuals that have substantial dental phobia may opt for moderate sedation. This is a deeper level of sedation and is typically used for complex dental procedures, such as root canals.

The good news about moderate sedation is that you won't be able to remember much of the procedure, but you will still be conscious.  You also may have more difficulty speaking clearly and you may slur your words.

It's not uncommon for hand language to be used when you're getting this method of oral sedation to assist you with a specific dental procedure.

Type #3: Deep sedation

Extreme dental phobia patients may need to rely on a deep sedation to deal with complex dental treatments. In this instance, you will be in a state between being conscious and unconscious.

However, you will be capable of providing responses to any inquiries your dentist may give you. This is typically done by using hand signs to let the dentist know how you're feeling and coping with the dental work as it progresses.

The benefits of relying on oral sedation to get complicated dental work completed include feeling more mentally and physically prepared to get it completed. The varying types of medication and the doses provided will determine the extent of your sedation. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a dentist, such as Picone Dental - Vincent J Picone DDS, today to find out the ideal level of sedation for you.