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Use The Tooth Fairy To Your Advantage

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If your child has come to a stage where they are old enough to start taking care of their own teeth, but they aren't doing it the way they should be, then you can use the tooth fairy to your advantage.  Convince them that the tooth fairy is watching them and wants them to do everything they can to have healthy and nice looking teeth. There are many different ways you can go about this and you can learn about a few creative ones in this article.

Write them a personalized book

You can write them a very tiny book that's from the tooth fairy and in which they are the main focus. In the book the tooth fairy can tell them that she knows they aren't taking their dental care serious and then there can be drawn pictures of cavities to show them what their teeth may end up looking like. You can add any little notes you want to the book and tell things in a way you want and that you feel will have the biggest impact on your child.

Leave them a tiny note

You can use a very small font to print out a little note you can post on their bathroom mirror for them to find in the morning. The note should say something like, "Don't forget to brush your teeth! Love, the Tooth Fairy".

Use fairy dust with any communications

Anytime you leave a tooth care book or a special note that's supposed to be from the tooth fairy, you can sprinkle a little bit of glitter going from the window sill to wherever the item is left. This will make it look like the tooth fairy left a perfect trail of dust.

Leave hints that the tooth fairy has been snooping around

The more your child thinks the tooth fairy is really watching them, the better the chances will be that they will start to take better care of their teeth. Aside from sprinkling glitter in the window sill every few nights, you can also use small dolls to leave footprints. Use the very tips of your fingers in some face makeup to make the window look like the tooth fairy pressed her face against the window. You can also leave a tiny piece of nylon in the window sill and tell your child it looks like the tooth fairy snagged her stocking.


The great part about using the tooth fairy to help get your child taking better care of their teeth is it gives you an ally. They will be hearing things from two sources instead of just you. Always mention how the tooth fairy has been visiting when you take your child to the dentist, so they have the chance to go along with the story as well. Contact a business, such as Niantic Dental Associates P C, for more information.