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3 Helpful Services Offered By General Dentists For Healthier, Better-Looking Teeth

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At some point, there are going to be problems with your teeth that warrant help from a general dentist. This professional offers many dental services that can restore/repair your teeth. These three in particular may prove to be extremely helpful. 

Dental Examinations

Sometimes you may not know what's wrong with your teeth. That's completely okay because general dentists offer dental examinations, where they look at your teeth to assess their overall health and aesthetics. During these examinations, the general dentist will keep an eye out for cavities, structural issues, crookedness, unhealthy gaps, and bad breath. 

If any of these issues are present, the general dentist will make a full report and also recommend a solution that you're most comfortable with. If nothing seems to be wrong, at least you'll know that what you're doing is working and that you should keep this maintenance up.

Dental Cleanings 

Although brushing and using mouthwash are pivotal steps for keeping your teeth clean, some food residues may still be left over. In this instance, you'll want to get help from a general dentist. They can perform a professional dental cleaning. It's a pretty straightforward process that doesn't take long to complete. 

The general dentist will use a tool known as a scaler to remove plaque and tartar found on your gum line. Getting rid of these substances is paramount for preventing cavities and gum disease. Once they're removed, the dentist will use a high-powered electric brush and special toothpaste on your teeth. Finally, they'll conclude by flossing and rinsing your mouth out with water. 

Fluoride Treatments

It's quite easy to neglect your teeth several times throughout the week. Unfortunately, this can weaken your tooth enamel and thus make it more susceptible to dental issues. Fortunately, general dentists offer fluoride treatments that can effectively restore your tooth enamel for added protection.

During this procedure, a special fluoride gel or foam is applied to your teeth once they're completely dry. After several minutes go by, you'll spit it out and rinse your mouth. Even just one of these treatments can make your teeth more capable of fighting off decay.

The idea of visiting a general dentist may seem scary because you may fear something being seriously wrong with your teeth. It's better to know about these issues before they get worse, though. A general dentist can find out what's wrong and provide helpful services to ensure your teeth are healthy for a long time.

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