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3 Advantages Of Getting Dental Implants

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Are you in need of artificial teeth? Have you been trying to decide if you want to go with basic dentures or if you want to spring for implants? While there's nothing wrong with getting dentures, implants can be a better choice for many people. Making a decision isn't always easy with so many variables to consider. But there are a number of advantages to dental implants that you might not yet have considered, some of which include the following:

Saving money: When looking at the various costs, you may assume that getting dentures is the less expensive option versus dental implants. While the initial cost for dentures is lower, there are other things to take into account. A set of dentures has a finite life span of around 5–10 years before you need a new set. You can increase this life span slightly by getting them relined every 3–5 years, but your dentures will eventually need to be replaced anyway, and each new set will cost at least as much as the last. In contrast, implants can last a much longer period of time. Because they're anchored to surgically implanted posts in your mouth, you'll only really need to replace the teeth if they get broken in an accident. This makes the teeth for dental implants about as permanent as any natural teeth.

Better smile: One of the reasons why dentures need to be replaced and/or relined so often is that your gumline starts to change due to the absence of teeth. As your gums start to shrink and recede, your dentures will become looser and looser. The looser your dentures are, the more likely they are to fall out when you simply smile, let alone when you try to eat anything. With more secure anchors in your mouth, dental implants are going to stay in place for your widest smiles.

Better foods: One common complaint among denture wearers is that they can no longer enjoy the same variety of foods that they ate previously. Things like a chewy steak or peanuts could dislodge dentures and cause an embarrassing moment while trying to enjoy a meal or a snack. But, again, because dental implants are held securely in place, that isn't going to be a worry when you have them. You still shouldn't be chewing on very hard things that could damage even natural teeth, but you won't have to worry about them popping out unexpectedly.