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Top Ways To Prevent Cavities On Your Child's Teeth

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The first set of teeth your child will develop is a set of baby teeth, and, while most of these teeth should fall out by the age of 11, these teeth are still important for your child's oral health. One of the best things you can do as a parent is help your child prevent cavities on these teeth, as cavities on baby teeth can cause a lot of different problems. If your goal is to prevent cavities from forming on your child's teeth, here are the best methods you could use to accomplish this.

Start Early

Even before your baby gets teeth, you should begin caring for his or her mouth, and the best way to do this is by wiping off the child's gums with a warm cloth several times a day. By doing this, you can wipe away bacteria, and this could help your child's mouth stay cleaner.

Make It a Habit as They Grow

Secondly, as your child begins getting teeth, you can start brushing these teeth with a baby toothbrush. You do not even need to use any type of toothpaste for this, as using a toothbrush with water will be enough to keep the teeth clean. The goal, though, is to make daily oral care habits a routine in your child's life. This means that you should aim to brush his or her teeth twice a day, every day. As you do this, your child will likely learn that this is a normal part of the day, and he or she might be more apt to follow this routine.

Choose the Right Foods and Beverages

Another good tip to keep in mind is to give your child the right foods and beverages and limit the wrong types. For example, giving juice to your child is not a good idea for his or her oral health. Juice typically contains a lot of sugar and acid and can destroy teeth. If you limit the beverages and foods you offer your child, your child might have a better chance avoiding cavities.

Get Dental Sealants

Finally, when your child is old enough, his or her dentist might recommend the use of dental sealants. This product can prevent cavities on teeth and it does not hurt to get them. You should follow your dentist's recommendation for dental sealants, as this is one of the best ways to protect your child's teeth.

These are the best methods to utilize to help your child's teeth grow in healthy and stay healthy. To learn more, talk to a pediatric dentist today.