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Fitting You For Veneers: Why This Is Such An Extensive Process

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If you have finally decided that you want to improve your smile with veneers, you have made a good choice. Veneers dramatically change your smile without tooth removal or major surgery, plus veneers are far less expensive than implants. You should know that you will have to spend about thirty extra minutes in your dentist's office just for the veneer "fitting." This process ensures that your veneers will not only fit your mouth and fit your teeth, but also look appropriate to your face after the veneers are affixed to your teeth. Here is why this process is extensive, and why it has to be done in advance to the dentist crafting your veneers

You Want the Veneers to Look Natural

It would not be an ideal situation to go into a dentist's office and come out with teeth that look a lot larger or smaller than your own teeth, would it? Veneers that are too small might reveal the fact that they are fake. Veneers that are too large may not fit your mouth, and make you look more like a rabbit or a horse than a person. The dentist takes a mold of your teeth and uses sample veneers to get an accurate sizing of your teeth. From the samples used and the mold taken of your teeth, the dentist can craft veneers that look completely natural.

You Want the Veneers to Fit Your Mouth

It should not surprise you that veneers sit on the tops of your natural teeth, and they fit edge to edge. If any one veneer is too big, it will not fit edge to edge with the veneers on either side of it. It will look quite awkward indeed. Each veneer should not extend beyond the edges of your natural teeth so that they all fit in your mouth and fit your teeth the way that they should. There should be no overlap of veneers, or the veneers could pop off. 

Veneers Should "Fit Your Face"

By "fitting your face," it is meant that the shape and size of the veneers look like they fit nicely and compliment the shape of your face. When you smile with the veneers, it should make others want to smile back and compliment you, rather than feel uncomfortable or want to look away. Your dentist works very hard to make sure all of these issues are addressed during the veneer fitting.