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Did You Know Dental Implants Can Be Good For You?

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When people think about dental installations like dental implants, oftentimes they think they're just a way of repairing a problem, like a missing tooth. But did you know that dental implants can do more than that? If you've been putting off getting dental implants or are considering another replacement method, like a bridge, you might want to take a look at this article. It will explain how you can personally benefit from dental implants.


One of the things that happens when you lose a tooth is that you also lose some of the circulation in your gums. It's not that blood isn't pumping through them, but the circulation has lost one of its best tools: pressure.

Whenever you take a bite or grind your teeth, you effectively help to push blood out of your gums so that fresh, oxygenated blood can more easily flow in. This is like pinching your skin for a moment and then watching as it regains color when you release it. This happens every single time that you chew, but when you lose a tooth this mechanism ceases.

By getting a dental implant, you're restoring this mechanism. Every bite you take on your dental implant will transfer pressure to your gums, where it will cause the same circulatory boost as a real tooth.

Bone Health

Another common issue when you lose teeth is that you can lose bone mass in your jaw. Bone mass is stimulated similarly to how circulation is stimulated, with pressure. Teeth help to transfer energy from the bite down into the bone of your jaw, which stimulates the bone to build new cells to replace old and damaged ones.

Again, this mechanism is lost when you lose your teeth, but it can be restored with dental implants. Implants are the only missing tooth replacement that does this because they're inserted and reach all the way to the bone, just like a real tooth does. Over time, your bone density will gradually increase as your bones go back to replacing old cells.

Common Concerns

While these two benefits are great, you may still have some concerns about the safety of dental implants in general. Not to worry: dental implants are completely safe.

The only part of the implant that's inserted into your body is made with titanium. This durable material is chosen not only for its extreme strength, which dramatically reduces the risk of breaks or damage, but also because the body doesn't react negatively to it. Titanium is used in all kinds of medical applications for this very reason. So you won't need to worry about an allergy developing or the titanium breaking down and leaching into your body.