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3 Things To Know About Family Dentists

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If you are looking for a new dentist that your entire family can see, you probably want to find a family dentist. Family dental clinics offer general dental services, and they are the most common type of dental clinic. As you begin your search for the right dentist, it might be helpful for you to know the following three things about family dentists.

They Offer Services for All Ages

The first thing to know is that family dentists offer services for all ages. Families with parents and children often like choosing family dentists because of this feature. A parent can schedule dental visits for every family member on the same day, and they can get these visits out of the way all at once. By choosing a dentist like this, you can have just one dental office to visit for all the dental needs in your household. People like this because of the convenience it provides.

They Offer Age-Appropriate Services

The next thing to know is that family dentists offer age-appropriate services for everyone they see. The services an adult needs are different than the types that a child needs. The benefit of this is that you can be certain that every family will receive the care they need.

For example, family dentists specialize in helping kids protect their teeth from cavities. As a result, they typically make dental visits fun for children. They also provide sealants for kids, as sealants make a significant difference in the number of cavities a child gets.

They Refer You to Specialists When Necessary

The other thing to know is that family dentists do not typically offer all dentistry services. Their main focus is on preventative care. Therefore, your family dentist might not be able to perform all the procedures your family needs.

For example, family dentists do not always provide orthodontic care. If you have a teenager that needs braces, the dentist might refer you to an orthodontist. Fortunately, your dentist will know the best orthodontist in the area to refer you to. If you need a root canal or gum disease treatment, the dentist might refer you to a dentist that offers these services.

Choosing a family dentist is often the best option for anyone who needs a dentist. Family dentists provide high-quality services for anyone that needs them. To learn more about the services they offer, contact a family dentist in your city.