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What To Know About The Different Types Of Dental Crowns

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If you've been told that you need a dental crown, know that it is not as simple as showing up and having one put on. There are actually different types of dental crowns, and it helps to know the difference between them so you can pick the right one. 


A gold crown was done very often in the past, and can still be a good option for teeth in the back of your mouth. This is done by creating a gold alloy that combines several different metals that gives the crown the strength it needs for back teeth. This is true of the material even if the gold is thin, which means less of the tooth needs to be removed to make the crown fit. In addition, gold crowns expand and contract very similarly to a natural tooth over the years. This helps the crown last much longer since the crown will tightly fit the tooth as it is exposed to different temperatures. 

Porcelain Metal Fusion Crowns

You also have the option of having a metal crown with porcelain fused to its surface. This gives you the strength of the metal crown, but it will still blend in with your natural teeth. The crown is also cemented very easily to the tooth, which makes placing it in your mouth much easier for the dentist. Porcelain metal fusion crowns are also very durable for rear teeth that need more strength for chewing. Some people don't like this type of crown because the metal band around the crown can be seen if you have gum recession. If the porcelain cracks, it can also expose the metal base underneath. 


Zirconia crowns are becoming popular because of their look and strength. It looks white completely around the tooth, and will never have metal that shows. The strength of zirconia makes it very unlikely to become damaged over time and is easy to attach to teeth with dental cement. A zirconia crown does involve adjusting your bite so that you are not putting too much pressure on the crown, which can make the installation more difficult. 


What makes an EMAX crown different is its aesthetics. The crown looks incredibly lifelike and blends in with your existing teeth by creating the crown using ceramics. The crown is also bonded to your teeth, which requires less preparation and removing less surface area from the teeth. While it does cost more than other crowns, it will blend in great for front teeth that others frequently see.