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3 Reasons Your Child Should See A Pediatric Dentist

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It's important for children to see a dentist on a regular basis. In fact, it's recommended that children have their teeth examined every six months. If the child has oral health issues, they may need to see the dentist more frequently. Even though it's good for a child to see a regular dentist, it's even better to have their teeth cared for by one that specializes in pediatric dentistry.

Here are three reasons your child should see a dentist that practices pediatric dentistry.

1. A Pediatric Dentist Has Specialized Training and Education

Like most dentists, a pediatric dentist must meet certain education requirements. This education includes earning a bachelor's degree and then getting accepted into dental school. At dental school, there are two degrees from which to choose. These degrees are either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM). It takes about four years in dental school to achieve one of these degrees.

The education for a pediatric dentist doesn't stop there, however. Pediatric dentists must also complete a special residency that teaches them necessary skills in treating children. They also learn about other essential areas, which include child psychology and child development. Other areas that pediatric dentists might receive special training include treating children with special needs and treating oral trauma injuries in children.

2. Pediatric Dental Clinics Are Better Equipped to Treat Children

Babies and children have much smaller mouths than adults. Because of their smaller mouths, it's easier for a dentist to use smaller tools when they work on children's teeth. A pediatric dental clinic not only has dental tools that are just right for kids, but their chairs are also better equipped for children as well.

All of these things make it much easier for a pediatric dentist to work on a child's teeth. This means much less trauma for a child, which reduces the chances of being afraid of the dentist. Pediatric dental clinics also have kid-friendly color schemes, decorations, and special prizes, all of which make going to the dentist an enjoyable experience.

3. Pediatric Dentists Are Great With Children

A dentist who normally doesn't work with children might not know all of the little tricks to get kids to open their mouths wider or to sit still while their teeth are being examined. Since most pediatric dentists learn about child psychology and child development during their residency, they know how to work well with kids.

Many pediatric dentists know how to make a dental exam a fun experience for the child. Some pediatric dentists might even sing to the child to help them relax or ask them questions about their favorite cartoon characters.