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Benefits Of A Root Canal Treatment

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If you are suffering from tooth decay or extreme tooth sensitivity, your dentist may recommend root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is an effective way to save a damaged or infected tooth.

Here are the main benefits of root canal treatment.

Improve Aesthetics

Infected teeth tend to turn yellow or brown due to bacteria buildup, affecting your smile and confidence. However, root canal treatment creates room for dental crown addition to the affected tooth. Usually, the dental crown is white and resembles your natural tooth. This will leave your teeth looking better, enhancing your self-esteem.

Pain-Free Treatment

Although there are rumors that root canal treatment is painful, this is not true. Modern root canal procedures are pain-free. Dentists use anesthesia to reduce discomfort during root canal treatment and recommend medication to help ease pain during recovery. Therefore, if you are looking for a painless procedure to relieve toothaches, seek root canal treatment.

Preserve Your Natural Teeth

If you are considering getting an infected tooth extracted, take a minute to think about the effects of residual teeth gaps. Teeth gaps make chewing uncomfortable and can cause swelling in your jaw. Luckily, a root canal allows the patient to retain their tooth. The dentist only eliminates the infected pulp and inserts a crown to protect your teeth

Stop the Spread of Bacteria

Root canal treatment stops the spread of bacteria to the surrounding tooth by eliminating the infected pulp. Additionally, the root canal is disinfected to eliminate any pre-existing bacteria that could lead to further oral infections. 

Improve Oral and Overall Health

Tooth decay significantly affects your oral health. Similarly, poor oral health puts your overall health at risk by exposing you to gastrointestinal infections, high blood pressure, and heart complications. Root canal treatment eliminates bacteria and tooth infections, helping you attain good oral health. This prevents health conditions related to poor oral health.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Root canal treatment is done in a single appointment and no need for follow-up appointments like in the case of tooth extraction. Tooth extraction leaves gaps that can cause jaw misalignment, demanding costly supplementary dental care services like implants or dentures. Visiting your dentist now and then can be tiring, leave alone having to pay for additional dental care services. Root canal treatment saves you the trouble of follow-up appointments and risks of jaw degeneration.

Root canal treatment is pain-free and the best alternative to stop severe toothaches. Other benefits of root canal treatment include improving your oral and overall health and stopping the spread of bacteria.