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3 Reasons To Take Your Child To A Pediatric Dentist

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While you can take your child to see a general dentist, there are benefits to using pediatric dental specialists. What are they?

1. A Child-Centered Environment

If a general dentist treats both children and adults, then they will try to make their office as child-friendly as possible. However, they also have adult patients, so they can't take this too far.

Some children get anxious in dentist's offices. These places can seem strange and forbidding even if they have child-friendly spaces. Your child might not feel completely comfortable in a general office environment.

Pediatric dentists have completely child-centric offices that are bright, colorful, and fun. Their staff is used to working with children and to making them feel safe. Your child will feel more comfortable in this environment.

2. Expertise in Children's Dental Care

General dentists have the skills and experience to treat children. However, they don't have the same training or breadth of knowledge as pediatric dentists.

Pediatric specialists go through the same dental school training as general dentists. However, they then take in-depth training in child dentistry. They do more child-focused practical and theoretical work. They also take specialist courses in subjects like child psychology to help them work with younger patients.

This extra training is invaluable. A pediatric dentist solely focuses on working with babies, children, and teenagers. An experienced pediatric dentist has a deeper understanding of the dental development and needs of children than a general practitioner.

Plus, these dentists choose to work with children. They have, or have developed, the skills to build effective relationships with this age group.

So, your child will get expert dental care. Their dentist can target treatments and advice to their age and dental developmental stage. They are more likely to like their dentist.

3. Special Needs Training

Many children have special dental needs. For example, some children suffer from dental anxiety. They are scared to go to the dentist and to have treatment.

Some children also have specific medical or psychological needs that make it hard to manage their dental care. For example, autistic children sometimes struggle to feel comfortable in a dentist's office. They also find it hard to tolerate treatment.

While many general dentists have developed skills to treat children with special needs, not all dentists can do this. They might not have the time or experience to give these children the extra support they need.

Pediatric dentists have training in managing children with all kinds of special needs. If your child needs extra care, then this kind of dentist can give it to them.

To find out more, contact a local pediatric dental service such as Dentistry For Children & Adolescents.