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Drawbacks Of DIY Teeth Whitening

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People want to have a good smile, but most always take shortcuts. They prefer over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening treatment products instead of seeing a cosmetic dentist. OTC teeth whitening treatments may seem cheap, but they have many drawbacks, as discussed below.

DIY Teeth Whitening Takes Time 

Most people who opt to whiten their teeth want fast results. Unfortunately, it's impossible to achieve quick results when using over-the-counter solutions. Most of these kits are slow, and you must be patient. The only way you can fast-track the results is by having a cosmetic dentist do the teeth whitening. 

Sub-Standard Results

DIY teeth whitening will never work better than professional teeth whitening. So, even if you'll achieve some results, they will not match the results of a professional teeth whitening procedure. That's why some of your teeth will still have stains. So, if you want better results, you must trust a dentist to do the procedure. Remember, your dentist will use professional products to remove all the stains. You may have to attend several sessions to achieve the desired results.

You Might Ruin Your Teeth

There's a high probability that you might ruin your teeth when you practice DIY teeth whitening treatment. Some of the products sold over the counter can damage your enamel when misused. And since most people are tempted to overuse these products to achieve fast results, there is a high risk of teeth damage. You might whiten your teeth but end up developing more problems. 

You Might Ruin Your Gums

You might put your gums on the line when you opt to do a DIY teeth whitening treatment. Gums are sensitive to some of the chemicals in the OTC teeth whitening solutions. With that said, you should avoid DIY teeth whitening to protect your gum's health. In any case, you can have the procedure done safely at the dentist's clinic.

You Might Overdo It

There is a reason why cosmetic dentists should do teeth whitening procedures. They know how many sessions you need to achieve the perfect result. Sadly, most people who take the DIY route end up using more products than required. And by doing so, they expose their teeth to a lot of bleach. Consequently, their teeth become whiter than usual. That's why some people complain of teeth sensitivity and an unnatural look.

DIY teeth whitening seems like the right thing to do until you mess up. And once you mess up, you'll spend a lot of time and money trying to correct the mistake. So, why don't you have a professional do the teeth whitening procedure safely?

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